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How do you get an MLO license? 

Though the process to get an MLO license is not extreme, following the proper procedures will make it easier and less time-consuming.  It all begins by obtaining the proper mortgage education from a good mortgage school.  Who you choose for your education will affect how long it takes to get your license.  MTI has provided the highest quality mortgage training for over 20 years and over 40,000 mortgage loan officers, brokers and loan originators from around the country use MTI as their mortgage school.  MTI provides quality education and helps you successfully pass the NMLS test.  With every pre-license education course, you receive, at no cost, access to the NMLS Prep test package to help you study the course material and pass the NMLS test.

Many states require some state-specific education to obtain your MLO license.  MTI can provide you with any state education requirements.  After you pass the NMLS test, you then file your application with the state for your MLO license.  Each state is different on the application process, cost and amount of time required.  Some people believe NMLS issues licenses, that's not true, there is no such thing as an NMLS license, only the States issue an MLO license.



Already have a license and need to renew?

All MLO licenses expire at the end of the year (some states are earlier than the end of the year).  Each year an MLO will need to renew their mortgage license with the state.  Part of the MLO license renewal process is continuing education.  The minimum annual continuing education is 8 hours (some states have more than 8 hours).  MTI provides CE education for all states and offers the CE classes online, in webinars and classroom.  Select the state education you need and how you want to take the class, and we'll do the rest.  

If you missed taking your CE last year, you will need what is called Late CE.  MTI offers this course to get your license back in good standing.  Check out all our CE courses!