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Know the Main Types of Real Estate Investments

Real Estate

Know the Main Types of Real Estate Investments

Real estate is the buying and selling of property comprising of the actual buildings and land on it, and its accompanying natural resources including water, plants or minerals; immovable property of that nature, usually of a fixed location. The purchase of immovable properties is termed as investment, whereas the buying of residential or commercial properties is called investing. Real estate market in India includes both the domestic and the foreign market. Real estate investment in India has gained immense popularity among the people of all age groups due to various reasons. The prime reason behind the popularity of real estate investment in India is the rising demand for housing. People are looking forward to invest in property because the rates of the properties are increasing slowly and steadily.

You can invest in any real estate product of your choice. However, the key factor that should be considered while you invest in any product of your choice is how will you generate profits from it? If you invest in rental property, then the first key thing that you have to check out in order to earn maximum profit is the rent that you get. If you want to earn more profit from your rental property investment, then you have to check out if the building comes with facilities like air conditioning or heated water system. Another important thing that you should check before you invest in any property is whether it comes with a warranty or not. Many people who do not want to take the risk of getting into real estate investment choose the rental property option.

There are some people who opt for the non-profit option, which means they are open to let others rent their personal property for a fixed time period. These tenants do not occupy the building permanently, but they do rent it out so that they can earn some extra money. The benefit here is that if the tenants are unable to return the rent, then the owner gets nothing.

The next one of the main categories of Real Estate investments that you can look into is that of Real Estate Investment. This category includes such buildings like villas, bungalows, row homes, bungalow houses, and so on. The benefit with Real Estate properties is that you can buy them from multiple buyers at a time and resell them to make a profit. In the case of Villas and bungalows, you can rent them out permanently, while if you opt for row homes, you can use them as holiday homes.

The third main category of Real Estate investment is that of Real Estate Investment through Private Contract Investment. Here, you invest money in a building and rent it out. The benefit of this category of Real Estate Investment is that there is a lesser risk involved in the deal. The property is generally owned by a Private Contract Investor. However, there are many companies that lend money for Real Estate through Private Contract Investment, and you can go for one of these companies that provide you loans on the basis of your personal credit rating.

The fourth and last main type of Real Estate investments is that of Industrial Real Estate Investment. In this category, you invest money in various industrial lands and use them for various purposes like housing industrial raw materials, and generating electricity, etc. The benefits of investing in Industrial Real Estate Investments are that they offer higher returns with less risk involved. The other main types of Real Estate include Residential Real Estate Investment, Commercial Real Estate Investment, and Special Economic Real Estate Investment, and they are all classified according to the various characteristics that they possess.