Prepare for Your NMLS Licensing Examination

We’ve taken our highly successfully pre-license training program and built the MLO Restart Program specifically for those who have failed the NMLS test or don’t feel they are adequately prepared to take the test.  MTI students regularly report successful passing scores on their first attempt of the NMLS national test. Why are we so successful?  We give our students the tools they need to pass and the procedure to make it work.

We now offer the same success formula to students who didn’t take our pre-license course.  The MLO Restart Program provides the new licensee all of our pre-license course material in a format where they can decide how to best learn.  We also provide unlimited practice testing, access to an instructor to ask questions and a personal enrollment counselor to help receive the greatest impact from the program.      

Don’t risk another failed testing attempt…take advantage of this incredible program. 

Credit Cards
  • Access to the Complete Pre-license Course Material
  • Complete material text
  • UNLIMITED Practice Testing
  • Complete Uniform State Testing Prep Course and Practice Testing
  • Access to the Course Instructor to answer any questions
  • Assigned Enrollment Counselor to help you
MLO ReStart - NMLS National Preparation Course

This course will thoroughly cover the New Integrated Disclosures.

This course will help anyone wishing to pass the NMLS National Test.  The NMLS test is quite difficult and being properly prepared to pass the test is essential.  Many education providers fail to properly prepare their students for the test, The MLO Restart Program will provide the necessary help.